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Bullshark Diving

The Bull sharks (Carcharhinus Leucas) are found in warm, shallow waters, coastlines, and rivers. They are the only type of sharks that can live in both fresh and saltwater environments. Their name comes from their bulky shape and behavior. For generations, female Bull sharks have been coming to the Riviera Maya during the winter season (November-February) to give birth. In the coastal area, there are plenty of shallow freshwater “fisheries” (mangrove forests) where the pregnant females are believed to leave their pups. As viviparous animals, the Bull sharks grow inside their mothers and are born alive. Once born, they are ready to hunt. The dives we organize will be for observation purposes only, and we will not feed them. We will provide a thorough briefing, explain all safety procedures, and go through their biology and behavior. The Bullshark dive will take place at Shark Point (a sandy patch) during official observation hours. We will follow this up with a shallow reef dive afterwards.