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Ready to embark on the DarkSide Dive experience? If you’re in search of the ultimate underwater thrill, you’ve come to the right place. DarkSide Dive is your gateway to the most intense, mysterious, and challenging diving adventures. Dive into the world of technical diving in overhead environments, master the art of cave diving, join guided deep dives with mixed gases, and explore the enigmatic caves of Mexico. Choose the DarkSide and dive into the extraordinary!

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Step Into The DayLight Zone

Dive into the darkness and explore the Intro to Cave Course at DarkSide! We’re here to support you at every step of your exciting dive journey.

Intro To Cave

This program is your gateway to the mesmerizing world of cave diving. It enhances your personal skills, elevates your awareness, and equips you with the essential knowledge to embark on cave diving adventures with confidence.

Aspiring cave divers must understand the unique requirements of this thrilling discipline, including the absence of natural light, the confined spaces, the necessity to return to the cave entrance for safety, and the discipline required to follow guidelines and navigate the cave effectively.

Course highlights encompass an introduction to the fundamental principles of cave diving, equipping you with the skills and knowledge needed for limited penetration into underwater caves. You’ll also develop a heightened environmental awareness, hone your dive planning and teamwork skills, gain insights into the intricacies of cave environments, and become adept in stress management, navigation, standard and emergency procedures, and cave diving techniques. Additionally, you’ll acquire a profound appreciation of the challenges and rewards that come with cave diving. Embrace the darkness and start your cave diving journey with us!


USD per day 

DarkSide is here to support you and make sure you have all the guidance you need along the way. If you’ve completed your Intro to Cave Training but are craving more depth and darkness, or if you’re eager to further perfect your skills in overhead environments, the TDI Full Cave Diver Course is your next step. We’re excited to welcome you to this thrilling course and embark on this exploration together. Your adventure begins here!

Full Cave Diver

This course is part of the overhead environment training in the series of TDI’s Full Cave Diver Development Program. Advanced cave dive planning, practical execution of different types of cave systems and scenarios divers encounter are presented. The objective of this course is to expand and critique previous skills accomplished in the TDI Cavern and Introductory Cave Diving programs. Emphasis is placed upon dive planning and skill perfection through actual cave penetration.


USD per day

Deco Cave

For divers who have mastered the art of cave diving and yearn to delve even deeper, the Deco Cave course is the perfect opportunity. It’s the next step after completing our Full Cave class and gaining real-world cave-diving experience.

In this course, you’ll enhance your environmental awareness, extend your penetration capabilities, refine your navigation skills, and sharpen your team coordination. You’ll also develop advanced problem-solving abilities, learn stress management techniques, and master the use of stage and decompression cylinders.


USD per day 

Guided Cave Dives

The caves around the area provide us multiple options for different types of cave dives. The caves are the extended parts of the Caverns, where the natural sunlight is not penetrating anymore, where restrictions might be found, the navigation will include more tasks and the way to the exit will obviously be further. For cave diving, a Full Cave Diver certification is a minimum requirement. Around the coast we have plenty of different navigations to choose from.

A day of cave diving through us consists of two shorter dives or one longer dive, depending on the level of one’s certification, depth of that particular system, penetration time and gas strategies.


USD – 1 Dive


USD – 2 dives

This thrilling adventure will equip you with the skills to confidently handle modular tanks in sidemount configuration, opening up a world of underwater exploration. Join us for a course that’s all about expanding your diving horizons!

Essentials in Sidemount

The Essentials in Sidemount Course is your gateway to mastering twin cylinders in sidemount configuration for open water adventures. Dive deep into equipment configuration and essential skills, refining your buoyancy, trim, positioning, and propulsion.

In the water, you’ll practice vital skills, including donning and doffing, SMB deployment, and gas management. You’ll also gain expertise in valve drills, gas failure management, and unconscious diver lifts.


USD per day

Unlock the backmount experience with our Backmount Diver Course. Learn how to handle backmounted twin cilinders while mastering buoyancy, trim, and propulsion. Dive into a world of precision and control. Join us and elevate your diving skills today!

Essentials in Backmount

Are you ready to take your scuba diving skills to the next level? Our Essentials in Backmount Course is the perfect opportunity to do just that! Immerse yourself in an advanced dive training that goes beyond the basics. With a focus on precise buoyancy control, expert gas management, and advanced dive planning, you’ll emerge from this experience with a new level of mastery. Not only will you improve your situational awareness and perfect your trim, but you’ll also gain a keen eye for selecting the right gear configuration. This is your chance to become a true DarkSide diver!


USD per day

At DarkSide Divers, we’re with you at every stage of your thrilling diving adventure. Elevate your diving experience by enrolling in our Enriched Air Nitrox course. It’s your ticket to becoming a confident and well-informed diver, ready to explore the depths with enhanced knowledge and skills!

Enriched Air Nitrox

Upon completing this program, you will gain the knowledge and skills to safely use enriched air for scuba diving, allowing for extended no-decompression limits and shorter surface intervals between dives.

You will learn to analyze gas mixtures, calculate the Maximum Operating Depth for specific gas blends, and understand the advantages of using enriched air in your dives.



Cavern Diving

Delve into the enchanting realm of underwater passages as you explore stunning cenotes with us. Cenotes, known as “Ts’onot” in Mayan, are nature’s sinkholes created by the collapse of limestone layers that conceal underground water. Rainwater seeping through the earth provides crystal-clear water with exceptional visibility, revealing impressive speleothems such as stalagmites and stalactites. With countless cenotes awaiting discovery in the Mayan Riviera, including the world’s longest underwater cave system, Sac Aktun, our cenote adventures promise unforgettable experiences.


Exploring these submerged pathways, you’ll always be accompanied by natural daylight. Most of the time, while cavern diving you’ll be protected from direct sunlight which means there is not always a direct ascend to the surface. You will encounter magnificent mineral formations while exploring these cooler waters with temperatures around 24-25°C (75-77°F).

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Bullshark Diving

The Bull sharks (Carcharhinus Leucas) are found in warm, shallow waters, coastlines, and rivers. They are the only type of sharks that can live in both fresh and saltwater environments. Their name comes from their bulky shape and behavior. For generations, female Bull sharks have been coming to the Riviera Maya during the winter season (November-February) to give birth. In the coastal area, there are plenty of shallow freshwater “fisheries” (mangrove forests) where the pregnant females are believed to leave their pups. As viviparous animals, the Bull sharks grow inside their mothers and are born alive. Once born, they are ready to hunt. The dives we organize will be for observation purposes only, and we will not feed them. We will provide a thorough briefing, explain all safety procedures, and go through their biology and behavior. The Bullshark dive will take place at Shark Point (a sandy patch) during official observation hours. We will follow this up with a shallow reef dive afterwards.