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DarkSide is here to support you and make sure you have all the guidance you need along the way. If you’ve completed your Intro to Cave Training but are craving more depth and darkness, or if you’re eager to further perfect your skills in overhead environments, the TDI Full Cave Diver Course is your next step. We’re excited to welcome you to this thrilling course and embark on this exploration together. Your adventure begins here!

Full Cave Diver

This course is part of the overhead environment training in the series of TDI’s Full Cave Diver Development Program. Advanced cave dive planning, practical execution of different types of cave systems and scenarios divers encounter are presented. The objective of this course is to expand and critique previous skills accomplished in the TDI Cavern and Introductory Cave Diving programs. Emphasis is placed upon dive planning and skill perfection through actual cave penetration.


USD per day